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We worked with Clutch Design Studio to help decorate a new home. We were moving from a small house to a very large house and I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of decorating. Kristen, came up with a very specific and detailed plan that was family friendly and sophisticated at the same time. I had several unusual request and she came up with solutions every time. I appreciate how high tech their firm is and like to see the detailed spacial plans along with hands on samples I can feel that Kristen would show me. She was always receptive to my ideas and tried to incorporate them when appropriate. She came up with ideas I would never have thought of. We were very pleased with all of the subcontractors she used for our project. She coordinated everything – the timing of the delivery of materials and furniture, the painters, the carpet company, the new drapes and blinds….. the list is endless. She is very organized in her approach, which puts one at ease. The process was seamless and stress free, I would definitely recommend Clutch Design Studio for any type of remodel project. Even though I have not had the need for architectural advice, I have seen some of Matt Robertson’s architectural endeavors and they are all beyond impressive.