Kristen Tonsager

Head of Interior Design

Kristen Tonsager

[email protected]

Kristen Tonsager, Clutch Design Studio’s Head of Interior Design, graduated from Drexel University in 2005. She works side by side with Clutch Design Studio architects to breathe life into the interior spaces of each project.


In addition to her commitment to providing high-quality design, she is also passionate about being involved in all aspects of the design process. Tonsager’s career is defined by large-scale civic projects—most notably the Tom Bradley International Terminal Expansion at Los Angeles International Airport and the Charleston International Airport—as well as high-end, luxury residential homes and boutique hospitality projects throughout Colorado.


Kristen joined Clutch Design Studio in 2013 and has built her career on her versatility in style, size and scope. From a rural Colorado brewery to a luxury office tower to a high-end contemporary residence, Kristen’s strength is her ability to step into the client’s shoes to create their vision.


Currently, Tonsager holds an advisory board seat for Arapahoe Community College’s Interior Design program, where she passes along her expertise to the next generation of artists and designers.