Cliffhanger: Modern Mountain Living

Cliffhanger: Modern Mountain Living

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Just over a hundred miles from Denver, a new kind of mountain living has taken shape. Clutch Design Studio’s mountain house endeavor, known as the Cliff House, is an impressive mountain gathering space that brings modern luxury, rugged living, and mountain wilderness to intersect to create the ultimate Colorado getaway.

Clutch Design Studio welcomed the challenge of marrying modern comforts with timeless mountain mannerisms, making for cohesive spaces that are aesthetically beautiful and reminiscent of grander ski lodges or rustic mountain mansions. Every aspect of mountain living was taken into careful consideration when selecting form, furniture, as well as finishes.

But what exactly makes this property so unique? Scroll on for details.



Location, Location, Location

The Cliff House earned its name from the dramatic, vertical southern cliff on which it sits. Atop a plot of land in Kremmling, Colorado, the home itself was designed for those who live life on the edge, with a seventy-acre plot offering spectacular views of the Rockies plus ample space to explore. Kremmling, a picturesque alpine town, is best known for its roaring rivers and the surrounding untamed Rocky Mountain high country. To adequately capture the organic beauty of the surrounding mountains and valleys, Clutch Design Studio made the decision to create a concept where luxury faded seamlessly into rougher, more rugged edges.


Local Flare

Down to the finishing touches, the Cliff House blends the heart of the West with modern, edgy interior design. Earthier, masculine design elements were utilized to create interior spaces reminiscent of the nature that surrounds the property. Custom patina copper panels in the kitchen, a backlit Onyx panel highlighting the liquor shelf, custom concrete sinks, and a flagstone fireplace imbue the interior spaces with a warm and rugged energy, much like being immersed in the gorgeous and untamed Rocky Mountain landscape.


Bunk Up Together

Skip the sleeper sofa: The Cliff House bunk room is Ideal for children or extra guests, featuring four individual sleeping “suites”, each with its own chest of drawers and a hidden access staircase for the top bunks. The bunk room itself is perfect for hosting a get together, slumber party, or cozy family movie night, donning a custom Douglas Fir TV console and a rustic antler hanging pendant. Carefully selected neutral stains and colors used throughout create a charming color palette, maintaining your usual mountain home aesthetic in conjunction with the modern, luxe amenities.



Cleaner, Sleeker Kitchen

For the kitchen, the Cliff House showcases a modern, streamlined look complete with custom enclosures for all domestic appliances. Using a backlit Onyx panel to draw the eye to the liquor shelf, bottles cast the space in a warm glowing light. A custom concrete sink in the kitchen adds an industrial touch, while light fixtures hung to look like pulleys cast a more rustic light on the space. Rich metallic design details, such as Muric acid-cured copper panels, add modern edge without overpowering the design.



The Ultimate Garage

The pinnacle of this home is its completely customized, heated garage space. Exposed Douglas-fir beams outfitted with custom blackened steel plates serve as the bones for the massive space, giving way to a scratch-proof concrete floor. The garage is outfitted with a basketball court, a full bar, a 4K projector and hidden screen, and bountiful room for recreational vehicles. An in-floor radiant heating system keeps occupants toasty below, while a Lutron lighting system casts every rafter above in warm light. It truly is the entertainment center of the home… party on!


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