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Modern Tradition: A New Build Preserves The Past

Not many newly built homes in Denver blend seamlessly into a historic neighborhood. That is, unless it’s this East Washington Park stunner—set on a prime lot across from the park and lake—that our Clutch team completed in 2020. By scraping the site’s original 1910 bungalow, re-envisioning a home to meet the client’s more modern lifestyle…
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2020 Project Of The Year: Shift Workspaces Littleton

In July, we unveiled the third location of Shift Workspaces, a Denver-born leader in hospitality-driven collaborative workspaces. Tonsager worked with a host of top-tier brands to bring the eclectic vision to life. Here, we highlight a few of the vendors whose furnishings, decor, lighting and expert installation made this knockout project such a bright spot during an ominous year. 

A New Generation of Maximalist Shared Workspaces Blend Experience with Enchantment

In the most recent issue of Building Dialogue, Interior Designer Kristen Tonsager talks about how “new coworking spaces are taking a bold, maximalist approach to the everyday featuring thoughtful design inspired by local influences and curated amenities.”

50 Fifty DTC Wins 2020 AIA WMR Design Award

We are ecstatic to share that 50 Fifty DTC has another feather to add to its cap: Our office-tower project in the Denver Tech Center took home a Design Excellence Merit Award at the Architectural Institute of America Western Mountain Region’s (AIA WMR) 2020 Design Awards. 

Key Players Behind the Creation of 50 Fifty DTC

In 2018, we unveiled 50 Fifty, the beginning of a new era in workplace design in the Denver Tech Center. This 400,000-square-foot, 12-story tower is our largest project to date, offering a design-forward solution to the outdated modus operandi of office park building design. 

Responsive vs. Reactive—Building for Resilience in a Post-COVID World

Throughout the course of human history, nearly every dramatic global event—wars, pandemics, political revolutions or climate change—has precipitated a change in the ecology and design of our built environment. Some of these changes have been lasting and beneficial: the transformation of European capitals like London and Paris due, in part, to the cholera epidemic; 19th-century New York’s reaction to the tenement housing crisis; the rebuilding of Berlin after the war. 

“Immersive Care” in Office Design

An Interview with Grant Barnhill. This summer Shift Workspaces opens its doors on a third location, designed in partnership with Clutch Design Studio.

Together We March (April) On

While most of the world is at a standstill, construction is considered “essential”, so we remain in a state of movement. Our only goal is to keep projects moving forward and continue to design and create buildings that strengthen our communities.

The Most Interesting Projects in Denver … According to Developers

The Clutch crew is ringing in this next decade with a celebration of Denver design: projects that are new, innovative, interesting, compelling or generally making waves in the architecture and design community.

Year in Review: Our 2019 Highlights

The Clutch crew is on a mission to cultivate meaningful connections between people, place and environment. And it doesn’t stop at the office door.

2019 Mayor’s Design Awards: Meet the Stewards of Denver Design

Click through for a tour of winning projects and Denver place-makers who are making Denver a more vibrant and thoughtful city one project at a time.


This month we are celebrating the most interesting projects in contemporary architecture … according to Clutch.

It’s Not You. It’s Your Office

September 20, Clutch Design Studio and a team of expert panelists will join forces at Denver Startup Week to discuss the nuances of effective office design. 

Inside our Latest 50Fifty DTC Office Buildout: FIOS CAPITAL and GALENA FOUNDATION

Denver-based companies Fios Capital and Galena Foundation recently opened adjacent offices on the seventh floor of 50Fifty DTC. The offices are distinctive but adjoined—each driven by unique objectives, design preferences, functional requirements and organizational structures.

The Architecture of Entertaining

How to craft a home that doubles as a venue For those who love to entertain, home needs to function as both venue and haven. During events, it welcomes guests and comes alive with food preparation, conversation, activities, eating, drinking, and all the joys of a good gathering. Outside of events, it provides an opportunity…
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Navigating Denver’s Development Boom

Smart development goals for a rapidly growing city It’s no surprise that commercial real estate is booming in Denver. In Q4 2018 alone, we had 4.12 million square feet of office space and 4.6 million square feet of industrial space under construction (85.4% of which was classified as spec). While there is unprecedented permit demand…
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Work Well: Designing the Office of the Future

Gone are the days of low-ceiling office environments draped in beige hues and fluorescent light. Developers and business owners alike are realizing that good design is good business, and plays a vital role in both attracting and maintaining tenants and employees. The new paradigm for office design includes: — Innovative technological advancements — New organizational…
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Food, Form & Function: How to Craft Stand-Out Design in a Booming Restaurant Industry

In the last decade, Denver has become a boomtown—strewn with bustling restaurants, award-winning breweries and plush lounges. 2018 brought more than 230 new restaurants, bars and coffee shops to the Denver metro area. But, in the same year, nearly 100 closed their doors. In this increasingly competitive market, everything matters: food, drink, service and space….
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Year in Review: Our 2018 Highlights

At Clutch, we’re dedicated to “creating the incredible,” and this year has been a testament to that. We bid 2018 adieu with residential and commercial projects that have bettered Colorado’s design landscape and given us a greater appreciation for our craft. Here, we salute to this year’s victories, inside and outside the office, because as…
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Introducing Tribe Market

In the past five years, Denver’s dining scene has seen a rapid resurgence of an age-old concept: food and market halls. But these trendy hubs have yet to address the prevailing issues within the American agriculture industry—until now.   Enter our latest design project, Tribe Market, an urban marketplace that will put sustainable agriculture and…
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A Fortress in Favignana

Two miles off the coast of Sicily sits a small island in the Mediterranean that’s rich in Italian heritage. From turquoise waters and coastal cliffs to ancient history and architecture, the island of Favignana is home to few, but plays host to many, including the 2018 Young Architects Competition.   Titled “Art Prison,” the competition…
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Designing for the 8-hour Workday: A conversation with Kristen Tonsager, Head of Interior Design

Today’s office environment shows little resemblance to the fluorescent-lit cubicles of the 1990s. Work/life balance has become a must-have in today’s business world, and office spaces are following suit.

50 Fifty Scheduled to Set Sail Fall 2018

With sweeping vistas of the Front Range, The Denver Tech Center is the city’s hub for business and economic trading. Shining brightly among the sea of office buildings is Clutch Design Studios’ latest project. Slated to open Fall of 2018, 50 Fifty is a Class AAA, 12-story tower with 185,000 SF of elegant design elements…
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Clutch Design Studio in NYC

The team spent last week in New York City at the AIA national convention.

Cliffhanger: Modern Mountain Living

Just over a hundred miles from Denver, a new kind of mountain living has taken shape.


Robin & Matt attended the Hot Rocks Griller Challenge fundraiser for Denver Health.

50Fifty Curtain Wall Complete

The curtain wall and installation on is now complete!

Wild Blue Yonder Bar Design

The bar top design for the brewery was approved and is moving forward.

Lightwell Glazing complete

Harmon has completed the glazing in both the East and West lightwells at the 50Fifty job site.

Wild Blue Yonder Brewery construction continues…

More progress is being made in Castle Rock!

50Fifty Crane Removal

The last crane at the 50Fifty job site is coming down today.

Wild Blue Yonder Brewery

The brewery construction continues in Castle Rock with the steel frame nearly complete!

New custom home project underway

Kristen presenting concept designs for another custom home project in schematic design.

WBY Brewery construction

The Wild Blue Yonder Brewery is well into construction in Castle Rock, CO.

50fifty Drone Footage Update

We continue to hurdle milestones on 50Fifty, including concrete “topping out”.

Stuart Street House

A newly constructed residence nestled in Denver’s West Highland neighborhood.

50fifty Tower Timelapse

Check out our latest 50Fifty Tower Timelapse video. It’s amazing to see the progress.

New drone footage of 50fifty

Big things are happening at 50Fifty in the Denver Tech Center.

50fifty design inspiration video

This isn’t just another office building. Read about the inspiration behind the design.

2017 0804 247 Residence

We look forward to working with Cadre to fine-tune the design and break ground in 2018.

2017 0803 Wild Blue Yonder Brewery

This brewery will undoubtedly become a hub for community gathering and great tasting brews.


The Clutch Team visited the 50Fifty steel girder installation last week.

2017 0720 247 RESIDENCE

We are proceeding forward with schematic design on this private residence.


We are moving right along with the precast erection on this tower in DTC.

2017 0525 50fifty Update

All major basement slab on grade is complete. Our second luffing crane is up and operational.

2017 0419 50fifty Precast Mockup

HP and Clutch visited Rocky Mountain Prestress today to review samples.

2017 0418 50Fifty Update

Grade beams construction continues. Some of our connector walls have also been cast.

2017 0328 50Fifty Update

Majority of perimeter drains are installed, and the Sand/Oil interceptor is installed.

2017 0221 50Fifty Update

Over half of the drilled piers are complete. Perimeter drains are also being installed.

2017 0216 Viracon Ski Day

Cameron, Conner, and the fine folks at Viracon Glass took us out for a Ski Day at Copper.

2017 0207 50Fifty Update

Excavation of 50Fifty is just about complete, and we’ve started drilling piers for the foundation.

2017 0124 50Fifty Mock-up Complete

The curtain wall mock-up was completed at Harmon’s shop this week. No changes required!

2017 0116 50Fifty Website is up

The leasing website for our 50Fifty project is now live. Click to view link.

2017 0110 50Fifty Construction Update

A milestone construction week!

2016 1121 50Fifty Groundbreaking

Several years of grinding to get to this point, thanks to all these people.

2016 1029 Demolition Complete

The demolition of the existing building is complete!

2016 1026 50Fifty Demolition

It’s an exciting time at the 5050 S Syracuse job site. We expect a groundbreaking ceremony soon!

Shift Bannock – Grand Opening

Congratulations to Grant Barnhill and Shift Workspaces on a job well done.

Fifty Tower – CA Phase – HP Gearing Up

The Hensel Phelps machine is gearing up for construction activity.

2016 0831 New Project – Hatchet Cabin

Here are some interior renderings of a new project we are designing.

2016 0819 New VR Content!

We’ve updated a couple of our virtual reality environments on the 50Fifty project.

2016 0721 Cocktail Party

Thanks to those of you who were able to join us on Thursday night for our office cocktail party!

2016 0706 Virtual Reality Interface

We’ve started using Virtual Reality (VR) interface for presentations and as study models.

2016 0624 Stuart St Construction

The residence on Stuart Street is well underway. One more floor to go before it’s topped out.

2016 0518 AIA PHILLY

The team traveled to Philadelphia this year for the AIA National Convention.

2016 0518 AIA Philly

The team traveled to Philadelphia this year for the AIA National Convention.

2016 0506 CPP Wind Study

Thanks to our friends at CPP Wind in Ft. Collins for their work on the 50Fifty Tower.

2016 0506 – Published in SIR AND SPORT

Our Crescent House was published in SIR AND SPORT, the spring issue. Check it out!

2016 0429 50Fifty Light Well Study

Renders of the light wells at 50Fifty. Curtain wall provided by Harmon, glass provided by Viracon.

2016 0425 – Solar Cap Study – 50Fifty

Solar study of the curtain wall cap design of our 50Fifty Project during the summer solstice.

2016 0419 – New Office Up & Running

We’re finishing up some final details on our new office construction.

2016 0407 – Fifty 50 in the News

Several announcements hit the news stream today regarding our project at 5050 S. Syracuse.

Clutch Design’s New Studio

We have moved! Today we start an exciting new chapter at our Baker/South Broadway location.

GreenMan Retail Project

GreenMan Dispensary was recently featured in Forbes magazine.

Stuart Street Groundbreak

The Stuart Street Residence in the Highlands broke ground today.

Clutch Ski Day at Beaver Creek

We spent the day bonding at Beaver Creek Ski Resort with 5″ of fresh pow.

50Fifty Drone Video

This drone flight shows views in all directions at the bottom office floor and the top office floor.

2015 0730 – Capitol Tour

Our structural engineer, Martin/Martin, took us on a Capitol Tour today.

2015 0617 – Art Hotel Opening

Matt, Kristen, and Robin testing the drink menu on the terrace of the ART hotel.

2014 0630 – AIA Chicago

The Clutch Team traveled to the National AIA Convention this year in The Windy City.

2013 1219 – Clutch Holiday Party

The Clutch Family celebrated the Holidays this year with a trip to Shanahan’s Steakhouse.

2013 0822 Clutch Cocktail Party

To celebrate the new location at 1200 Bannock, we decided to invite some friends over.

Cliff House Groundbreaking

We are under construction on the Cliff House and site clearing began this week.

2013 0321 – Published in Luxe Magazine

The Crescent House is featured in Luxe Magazine for the Colorado spring publication.

2012 0911 – Cliff House Site Visit

We walked the Cliff House site today, mostly locating the structure and confirming views.

2012 0411 – New Cliff House Project

We have been awarded an incredible mountain residence project in Kremmling, Colorado.

Crescent House: Nearly Complete

Construction is complete on the Crescent House. The Client is expected to move in this month.

4750 Barn Construction Complete

After a little over nine months of construction, the 4750 Horse Barn is complete.

4750 Barn GroundBreaking

We have made some great progress on the 4750 Horse Barn.

Crescent House Update

The major exterior material, Kansas Limestone is nearing completion.

Crescent House Update

Basement walls and steel have been set. As you can already see, this is not your typical residence.

Crescent House GroundBreaking

It’s official! We are under construction on our first project, the Crescent House.