50fifty design inspiration video

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Make no mistake: this isn’t just another office building. 50fifty is a Class AAA, 12-story office tower with beautiful lines and dazzling features. It’s a visually stunning mix of inspired design coupled with the finest building materials.

Every material selected for the construction of 50fifty is considered with only quality and performance in mind. From the handpicked granite to local artwork adorning the hallways, there are no short cuts here, only design excellence.

The inspirational vision for 50fifty was, interestingly for a landlocked state, sailing. The desire was not to mimic to the look of a ship, but rather the feeling of being on deck and looking down at the hull as it cuts through the water.

The skin of 50fifty is an alluring interplay of textures and color that unfolds as your eyes move up from the solid parking garage screen, to the varying textures of Sierra White granite panels, meant to mimic the wake of water, and up the blue Viracon glass panels.

The look is elegant, sophisticated and will be an instant DTC icon.

Sustainable design and construction means that 50fifty will seek LEED Gold certification upon completion. Sophisticated mechanical systems and an abundance of natural light work in unison to create an extremely energy efficient building.

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