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2017 0525 50fifty Construction Update

On In Construction Update

All major basement slab on grade is complete. Our second luffing crane is up and operational, just in time for the precast erection which started this week. The site will undergo significant changes over the next four months as the structure rises from below grade 2 levels, to six levels above. Six levels of steel (office) construction will occur on top of the precast (garage) and is scheduled to start in September.

2017 0419 50fifty Precast Mockup

On In Construction Update

HP and Clutch visited Rocky Mountain Prestress today to review samples for architectural finish, color, and texture on the custom form liner at exposed foundation walls. The sample was approved as presented. Production to start in a few days.


On In Construction Update

Grade beams construction continues including formwork, reinforcing, concrete pour, formwork stripped, backfill and drainage mat applied to the outside face. Some of or connector walls have also been cast, propped up with temporary bracing, and covered with waterproofing.

2017 0328 50Fifty Construction Update

On In Construction Update

Majority of perimeter drains are installed, and the Sand/Oil interceptor is installed

Core 1 (East Stair) cast-in-place starter walls have been poured and the formwork has been removed. The mat slab has been backfilled up to the top of mat slab.

Core 2 & 3 mat slab framing has been removed and vertical waterproofing is installed and lapped over the top of the mat slab. Drainage board has been installed on the vertical face of the mat slab.

Mat slab for Core 4 is installed, formwork is still in place on its vertical sides. Framing for the cast in place starter walls around the Elevator Shaft is in progress

2017 0221 50Fifty Construction Update

On In Construction Update

Over half of the drilled piers are complete. Perimeter drains are also being installed. Void forms and grade beams are being constructed. Some standing water has accumulated, but no more than expected.

2017 0207 50Fifty Construction Update

On In Construction Update

Excavation of 50Fifty is just about complete, and we’ve started drilling piers for the foundation. Rebar cages are being fabricated at the south end of the site, and temporary power is in place at the bottom of the excavation pit.

2016 1029 Demolition Complete

On In Ground Breaking

The demolition of the existing building is complete! Shoring, earthwork, and drilled piers to start in November. Look for an official ground break announcement in the next few weeks.